HFAP has received renewed approval from the Medical Board of California to survey and accredit outpatient surgery settings in the Golden State, it announces.

California defines “outpatient surgery setting” broadly to include those organizations that provide anesthesia that may place a patient at risk for loss of life-preserving reflexes. Any outpatient surgery setting in the state must be accredited if it is not a Medicare certified ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Organizations can choose HFAP accreditation to meet the requirements of California Health and Safety Code section 1248.

HFAP already has deeming authority for ASCs from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), allowing it to conduct accreditation surveys and assess compliance with the Medicare Conditions for Coverage for ASCs nationwide. HFAP also holds deeming authority for acute care hospitals, clinical laboratories and critical access hospitals; and offers certification programs for specialties including stroke, compounding pharmacies, joint arthroplasty, lithotripsy services and wound care centers. 

“We are excited to continue to work in company with the Medical Board of California to ensure that all outpatient surgery settings in the state are performing high-quality patient safety and care,” says Meg Gravesmill, CEO of AAHHS/HFAP, in a media release.

“Our experienced surveyors strive to execute educational surveys so organizations can feel confident that they understand the survey process and intentions of the standards, resulting in compliance and ongoing quality improvement beyond the accreditation survey.”

[Source: HFAP]