Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, introduces three upgrades to its QUICKIE power portfolio:

  • C-Me – Elevate and Drive functionality on both the Q500 M and Q400 M.
  • Tilt and Elevate combination – Customers no longer have to choose tilt only or elevate only.
  • The SEDEO LITE Seat – One of the lightest seating systems to be introduced in North America. The SEDEO LITE seat includes traditional back canes to mount JAY and other off-the-shelf aftermarket backs at a fraction of the weight of other seating systems.

C-Me is designed to offer users independence via the ability to drive up to 3 MPH while elevated up to 12 inches without needing to stop while transitioning. It also features a suspension designed to not lock out while driving, enabling a smooth and comfortable ride. It is highly popular on the Q700 M, and now also available on the Q500 M, and the Q400 M.


The new SEDEO LITE seating system is a simple, sleek, and adjustable seat frame. The Q500 M equipped with SEDEO LITE seating has a starting weight of 266 pounds. The traditional back canes are width-adjustable from 15 inches to 20 inches and easily fit JAY backs and most aftermarket back supports.

“We are excited to expand our popular features and options on the line of QUICKIE power wheelchairs with the addition of C-Me and SEDEO LITE on the Q500 M.

“C-Me has been a highly demanded feature on other QUICKIE power wheelchair models and it only made sense to expand the feature to a smaller wheel base. With the addition of the SEDEO LITE, we have a full line of seating frame options from mild to complex clinical needs.”

— Jeff Rogers, Director of Power Product Management

[Source: Sunrise Medical]

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