Parker Hannifin Corp’s Human Motion and Control Business Unit announces the European release of the Therapy+ Software Suite for its Indego exoskeleton.

The software features a new control mechanism allowing patients to be in charge of their gait and for the exoskeleton to assist only when necessary. It also offers auditory signals that provide real-time feedback to the patient and therapist.

“We are very proud to offer Indego and its Therapy+ Software Suite, as the first exoskeleton that allows non-trajectory based gait training in Europe,” says Achilleas Dorotheou, head of the Human Motion and Control Business Unit at Parker Hannifin Corp, in a media release from the Cleveland-based company. “Until today, all commercially available exoskeletons moved patients on a pre-defined gait trajectory.”

The software is presently available only in Europe for neurological patients with gait impairments, and is being used in a trial to collect safety-related data to obtain US Food and Drug Administration clearance later this year.

[Source: Parker Hannifin Corp]