Less active lower limb amputees have a new mobility and stability option, with the release of the Pheon and Prosedo mechanical prosthetic knees from Ottobock.

The Pheon polycentric knee joint is designed to help amputees restore their ability to walk both indoors and in limited community settings. It features an integrated optional lock that can be activated or deactivated by the prosthetist, as well as targeted support for the post-amputation therapy process.

The Prosedo monocentric knee joint is engineered to be individually adjustable and hydraulically controlled to help support the user as they lower themselves into a chair. The joint dampens the knee flexion progressively, which can help provide balance and reduce strain on the user’s sound side.

“Ottobock is committed to providing new and innovative prosthetic solutions for the less active amputee population,” states Brad Ruhl, president of US HealthCare for Ottobock, in a media release. “I’m proud that Ottobock is investing in new solutions for patients who most rely on the security and stability of their prosthesis.”

[Source: Ottobock]