Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, recently introduced Power Recline with Power Shear Reduction to its Quickie Pulse 6 power wheelchair. The Quickie Pulse 6 is a compact Group 3 power wheelchair available with 50 degrees of power tilt, 9 inches of seat elevation, power elevating/articulating legrests, and power recline with power shear reduction. The Pulse 6 is also now available in four models BC (K0848), CC (K0849), SC (K0856), and the new MPC (K0861).

The 3.7 Recline Rehab Seat, available on the MPC or SC (with recline only) models, is designed accommodate 14-inch to 22-inch seat widths and allows for seat heights as low as 16.3 inches with tilt and recline.

Additionally, the Integrated JAY J3 Back option offers the J3’s positioning capabilities, a thicker foam construction, and integrated upholstery intended to function seamlessly with the 3.7 Power Recline and power shear reduction. The electronics enclosure shell has been redesigned with a lower profile and additional space for storing backpacks or accessories.

According to the company, the Pulse 6 now also offers 10 extra shroud color options and a Black Tire Package.

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[Source: Sunrise Medical]