Since its launch in July 2015, iLevel by Quantum Rehab has reached more than 10,000 users, according to a company announcement.

iLevel is designed to raise the power wheelchair seat up to 12 inches while simultaneously stabilizing the wheelchair via Extra Stability Technology.

In addition, it is engineered to allow full functionality at walking height and speeds of up to 3.5 mph for increased independence and social inclusion, per the Duryea, Pa-based company in a media release.

“iLevel continues revolutionizing the way complex rehab power chair users live their lives, and we continue seeing the numbers of users adopting the technology grow,” shares Megan Kutch, director of Quantum Marketing, in the release. “The new levels of independence that iLevel brings to performing safe transfers and participating in ADLs is unsurpassed. Hearing the individual stories of how iLevel enhances quality of life and functionality is incredible.”

The success of iLevel is based on consumer demand, as well as payors recognizing the merits of funding independence-based complex rehab technologies like iLevel that distinctly improve lives, the release continues.

”As we pass the 2-year mark with iLevel, third-party payors across the country are covering and providing reimbursement for this feature almost daily,” adds Julie Piriano, vice president of Clinical Education and Rehab Industry Affairs, and Compliance Officer. “Fortunately for beneficiaries, iLevel’s success proves that funding for power adjustable seat height is being recognized and achieved.”

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[Source: Quantum Rehab]