vmiIn response to the media outlets reporting the shutdown of operations by the Vehicle Production Group (VPG), producers of the MV-1, Vantage Mobility International (VMI) and its dealers have reportedly an created emergency response phone number and Internet clearinghouse in order to assist MV-1 owners who may have challenges in obtaining service and parts.

VMI notes that its VPG crisis hotline and website is designed to help answer some of the questions MV-1 owners may have in the midst of VPG’s uncertain future.

Richard May, president of the VMI Select Dealer Network, founder of United Access, a national mobility chain with 13 locations, emphasizes that the organization is prepared to go to great lengths to assist VPG customers. “Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities for our customers,” May says.

Doug Eaton, president and CEO of VMI, adds that the company appreciates “our Select Dealer Network taking the initiative to create a support program for MV-1 owners and help ensure that none of them are left stranded.”

[Source: Vantage Mobility International]