Motivo Inc, New Berlin, Wis, announces the US launch of the 2018 Motivo Tour Walker, a family of rolling walkers designed to help enable a natural walking stride and relieve back and neck pressure.

“We wanted a product which enabled the user the ability to walk more upright, carry what they need to be more independent, and do it all with a modern product design that doesn’t them feel like a medical patient,” says Jeremy Knopow, co-founder of Motivo, in a media release.

“We found that many falls were caused by people not using their walkers when they should have because they felt embarrassed,” Knopow adds. “We decided that our goal was to re-establish pride and dignity, while also improving mobility. We wanted to design for a person, not just a medical condition.”

The Motivo Tour Walker, made from lightweight and durable materials, features a stow-away seat design that enables users to walk upright inside the frame rather than behind it, improving stability and reducing the risk of falls.

Additional features include a zero-turn radius, two cup holders, a flip out tray, and a large private storage compartment large enough to hold mobile phones, tablets, and purses. It also folds compactly for easy transport and storage, and can be customized via a range of custom color options and surface finishes, according to the company.

For more information, including pricing and how to order, visit Motivo Inc.

[Source(s): Motivo Inc, Business Wire]