Wheelchair cushion manufacturer Aquila Corporation, headquartered in Holmen, Wis, recently introduced the SofTech cushion system. SofTech is an advanced pressure ulcer treatment cushion custom built to offload full-time under an existing pressure ulcer while automatically alternating elsewhere throughout the posterior.

SofTech is battery-operated and microprocessor-controlled, and is engineered to operate for more than 40 hours on a charge. It is built with automatic alarms, waterproof exterior, and an anti-microbial cover. All of the electronics, including the pump and battery, are incorporated into the base of the cushion, making the SofTech portable and lightweight. The SofTech is operated via remote control. Options include an integrated moisture control fan, a lumbar or full back pad, and a positioning pad for compensating for pelvic obliquity.

Aquila Corporation states that the manufacturer can fabricate any size SofTech cushion, and that there is no client weight limit. Aquila also custom fabricates the internal air bladders and the internal and external foam components, as well as the programming of the controller with the goal of achieving optimal results for each client.

The SofTech was launched earlier this year at the 31st Annual International Seating Symposium Conference in Nashville Tenn. Visitors to the symposium’s exhibit hall were able to sit on the cushion system and feel it changing pressure points. SofTech is described as a blending of technology and comfort working together to heal pressure ulcers while the client is sitting.

Aquila has been manufacturing custom wheelchair cushions for more than 16 years. The Aquila cushions are sold directly and through authorized dealers, and reportedly have been on VA government contract for more than 11 years. The HCPCS code has been applied for but not yet assigned.

More information about SofTech is available online.

[Source: Aquila Corporation]