Turny Evo in combination with a Recaro seat in an adapted Mercedes-Benz.

Turny Evo in combination with a Recaro seat in an adapted Mercedes-Benz.

The safest way to travel in a vehicle is by being seated in the car seat using a seat belt. The Swivel Seat is a product designed to enable wheelchair users to do this. Autoadapt, Stenkullen, Sweden, a manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions, introduces a new version of its Turny Evo. One of two new swivel seats from Autoadapt released to the market this year.

A swivel seat is a device that resides under the seat and is designed to enable the seat to be rotated toward the door opening. This, according to an Autoadapt media release, facilitates getting in and out of the seat whether the user is seated in a wheelchair or standing. The product design aims to allow the entire seat to come out of the vehicle and lower to a suitable height for the user.

Swivel seats are designed to be manually operated and programmable to suit a specific user and vehicle.

According to a media release from Audoadapt, all Autoadapt swivel seats are crash tested and approved according to the same standards that apply to the automotive industry: a 20 G crash with a 76 kg crash test dummy. The new Turny Evo and the coming Turny Low Vehicle, the company states, exceed the standard with successful crash tests at 30 G with a 102 kg crash test dummy.

Peter Wahlsten, executive vice president at Autoadapt, explains what is behind the new product’s development: “We firmly believe that everyone should be entitled to the same safety, but when you travel in a vehicle seated in a wheelchair, you have already accepted a lower degree of safety. Without proper head and neck support, it is practically as bad as not wearing a seat belt at all.”

[Source: Autoadapt]