Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, recently introduced two solutions in positioning, the MONO Backrest System and JAY Positioning Supports. A company news release notes that the new MONO Backrest System is available exclusively on the Quickie and Zippie IRIS, and features a single back post built to provide a wide variety of positioning options. The backrest can be mounted to a single, central post, and backrest and chair widths may then be selected independently to accommodate users with varying torso and hip widths. The release states that the MONO Backrest System can also achieve 1-inch or 2-inch midline backrest offset to accommodate asymmetrical postures and features 35 degrees of angle adjustment. JAY Positioning Supports are designed to address mild to involved positioning of the head, upper body, pelvis, and lower body, with sizes available for both children and adults. According to the release, options include Whitmyer head supports, anterior trunk supports, arm troughs, pelvic positioning belts, shoe holders, and foot boxes. The product’s new arm troughs are built to offer comfortable and easy-to-clean Reverse Dartex covers. Additionally, the release notes that new JAY foot boxes are available in single, dual, and dual with divider styles and aim to protect users from injury and skin breakdown. JAY Positioning Supports may be ordered on-chair with JAY seating or off-chair as accessories. For more information, visit [Source: Sunrise Medical]