A redesigned 2011 Honda Odyssey with Northstar and Summit conversions by Vantage Mobility International (VMI), Phoenix, Ariz, is now available through authorized mobility equipment dealers. “We designed our wheelchair conversion of the 2011 Honda Odyssey minivan based on tools and systems acquired from our lean manufacturing and Six Sigma initiatives,” said Ted A. Larson, VMI’s vice president of engineering.


The Honda includes a FLEX floor that provides a 12 ¾” drop from the original floor, allowing the conversion two distinctions; more wheelchair maneuvering room and the lowest ramp angle of any VMI conversion.


The Northstar and Summit conversions feature a PowerKneel system to reduce noise and increase dependability.  The PowerKneel lowers the vehicle to provide the wheelchair user with a lower ramp angle when traveling into and out of the vehicle.  The system has an electro-hydraulic actuator that uses less energy and a built-in manual release for safety. 


[Source: Vantage Mobility International]