A merger between Ohio-based MobilityWorks and Dallas-headquartered HASCO Medical Inc, announced this past August, was recently completed at the end of October.

Per the release from MobilityWorks, shares in HASCO Medical Inc—the parent company of mobility van dealerships Ride Away and Mobility Freedom—were converted to $0.0233 in cash, representing a purchase price of $23.5 million.

Together, MobilityWorks—with 35 consumer showrooms—and HASCO Medical Inc—which has 22 showrooms—will have a combined 57 locations in 21 states, the release explains.

The merger also creates a commercial manufacturing subsidiary called TransitWorks, which provides custom commercial vehicles to transportation customers in assisted living centers, group homes, medical facilities, hotels, taxis, and other transit providers, per the release.

“This is an exciting time for all of us. The Ride Away and Mobility Freedom showrooms will be a great addition to our sales and service operations,” says Eric Mansfield, vice president of MobilityWorks, in the release.

“The clients will have more locations to get service, or rentals, and a lot more options toward the selection of a vehicle,” he adds.

For more information, visit MobilityWorks.

[Source(s): MobilityWorks, PRWeb]