At the 2015 SharpBrains Virtual Summit, set to take place November 17-19, scientists and innovators will come together to discuss brain health and fitness via lifestyle and emerging technologies.

“It is exciting to imagine the possibilities at the intersection of brain health, digital health, and pervasive neurotechnology,” says Alvaro Fernandez, CEO of SharpBrains and Summit’s producer, in a media release from SharpBrains.

“We are proud to offer this unique virtual and global forum to help the field move forward,” he adds.

Discussion topics will include: How to harness neuroplasticity and digital tools to enhance work and life; How to measure and improve brain-based outcomes that matter in health care; and At the frontier of Big Data and Brain Health

Additional topics will include: Beyond the US college student’s brain: A survey of priorities across geography and age; Lessons learned in bringing innovative solutions to market; Under what conditions does brain training work? And Innovative partnerships to improve health and life at scale.

Additionally, a workshop regarding the best practices to navigate and implement the emerging brain health toolkit will be offered.

The speaker roster includes more than 30 pioneers and experts in brain health, according to the release.

For more information and to register, visit SharpBrains.

[Source: SharpBrains]