According to the Bone Health Index Survey conducted recently by the National Osteoporosis Foundation, loss of independence and loss of mobility were the leading concerns about aging among the osteoporosis patient respondents.

The survey notes that 42% of the respondents shared that they were concerned about loss of independence, and 25% of the respondents were concerned about loss of mobility.

Other highlights from the survey, according to a media release from the National Osteoporosis Foundation, include: 52% of the respondents replied that they had broken a bone, but 44% said they were only somewhat or not concerned about fracturing a bone again. In addition, 60% of those who said they broke a bone were not referred for a bone density test, and 47% were prescribed an osteoporosis medication for treatment.

Among the respondents who were taking an osteoporosis treatment, 92% said they had not read or viewed negative information about the medication, and 42% said they had been taking the treatment for less than 2 years.

In addition, regarding osteoporosis medication, 38% of the respondents noted they were prescribed medication but did not take it, mainly (79%) due to fear of side effects from the medication. Of those who did take their medication, 51% shared that they stopped taking it mostly due to the side effects they experienced (53%) or their concerns about the risk of side effects (38%).

The release notes that encouraging results from the survey include that most patients and caregivers (89%) knew that proper diet and exercise, including getting the recommended daily allowance of calcium and vitamin D, is an important part of treating osteoporosis. And 90% knew that osteoporosis cannot be treated solely through diet and exercise.

The 80-question Bone Health Index Survey was sent via email to National Osteoporosis Foundation online community members who self-identified as osteoporosis patients or caregivers. Out of 28,000 surveys that were sent, 853 responses were received.

[Source(s): National Osteoporosis Foundation, PR Newswire]