Quickie QRi_optSunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, has launched an ultra lightweight rigid manual wheelchair with a strong frame design to accommodate active users, according to a recent news release. The Quickie QRi features an open frame, weighing in at 22 pounds, and a small footprint engineered to allow for ease of transport.

The product is WC-19 transit approved and offers users a 265-pound weight capacity. The QRi is marketed standard with a 1-inch front frame insert and is available with a 75-degree, 80-degree, or 85-degree front frame angle. Users can also adjust the center of gravity 3-inches to create an individualized fit for each client, Sunrise Medical notes.

The company adds that the product provides users a simplified mix of the Quickie’s most desired armrest, wheel, tire, and seat size selections.

For more information, visit www.sunrisemedical.com.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]