The Twiddler 3 one-handed keyboard by Tek Gear Inc, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is designed to enable those with mobility issues, such as stroke patients and amputees, to type with one hand.

According to a media release issued by the company, the Twiddler was designed by San Francisco-based Kicker Studio and was built to be easy to hold and use, with all of the functions of the keyboard and mouse within the normal range of motion of the finger and thumb of one hand.

The Twiddler uses 19 keys and, with a combination of single keystrokes and chords, enables users to type all the letters, characters, symbols, and commands found on a standard keyboard, the release continues.

The keyboard can connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices and can be customized to one’s needs via preprogrammed user interfaces, per the release.

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[Source(s): Tek Gear Inc, PRWeb]