The Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer, from SCIFIT, part of the Life Fitness family, is a recumbent lateral training machine designed to change direction and help engage the stabilization muscles to aid in fall risk reduction.

The trainer features a bi-directional frontal plane that activates the body’s stabilization muscles. In addition, the trainer is designed to move inward or outward, allowing the body to work in abduction and adduction and recruit different muscle groups, therefore engaging the stabilization muscles.

“For the active aging adult market, this is a really important product that helps improve balance and stabilization, and build the confidence to be active while reducing the chances of falling,” says SCIFIT’s Brittany Hizer, category director, Active Aging, in a news release from Life Fitness.

Other features include an open architecture; an easily removable swivel seat for comfort and wheelchair access; and oversized, orthopedic footpads.

For more information, visit SCIFIT.

[Source(s): Life Fitness, PRWeb]