The ARKE lower-body exoskeleton from Bionik Laboratories Corp now features Amazon’s Echo technology and Alexa Voice Service.

This integration of technologies is engineered to enable the ARKE exoskeleton to be controlled via multiple sensors located throughout the device in combination with Alexa.

For example, users can activate different activity modes, such as Standing and Walking, by saying, “Alexa, I’m ready to stand,” or, “Alexa, I’m ready to walk.”

“We are excited to complete the integration of Amazon’s Echo and Alexa into our ARKE exoskeleton, combining the power of Amazon’s voice-activated technologies with our powerful assistive robotic solutions for the next evolution in treating consumer immobility,” says Michal Prywata, co-founder, chief operating officer, and director of Bionik Laboratories Corp, in a media release.

“This pairing of our robotic technologies with the power of Amazon’s Alexa further pushes the boundaries of what technology can do within the home healthcare industry, and we believe we will help many impaired individuals regain the mobility they once lost.”

[Source(s): Bionik Laboratories Corp, PR Newswire]