Permobil recently announced its acquisition of TiLite, manufacturer of individually customized manual wheelchairs. A news release issued by the companies notes that TiLite, headquartered in Pasco, Wash, was founded in 1998 and designs and manufactures ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs in titanium or aluminum that can be customized to each user’s exact specification. The company currently sells in 41 markets.

Jon Sintorn, Permobil CEO, highlights Permobil’s evolution from family firm to a leader in the complex rehabilitation power wheelchair industry. “We are now dedicated to building a leading healthcare company with complex rehabilitation solutions—leveraging the latest technology and medical research to benefit the people we serve. TiLite contributes perfectly to this strategy.”

David Lippes, TiLite CEO, articulates TiLite’s excitement in “joining forces with Permobil,” as Permobil “has exceptional R&D capabilities and customer relations and we share a focus on innovation and customization for the user. We look forward to being part of Permobil’s journey to reshape the market for complex rehabilitation.”

Larry Jackson, president of Permobil North America, echoes Lippes’ excitement and adds in the release that, “TiLite shares our culture of excellence and commitment to delivering an outstanding wheelchair experience to our users. This is a natural fit. I am really looking forward to continue developing Permobil’s offering with TiLite onboard.”

[Source(s): Permobil, TiLite]