A robotic assistive device engineered to allow users who can control a power wheelchair or operate a controller the ability to eat, drink, reach, and grasp, is available through Innovations Health Devices, Roseville, Calif. The JACO allows users to lift a maximum of 3 pounds and 2 pounds if fully extended. The device features a carbon fiber extol-skeleton, is water resistant, and also features 6 degrees of motion, intended to allow users to manipulate it to approach items from any angle.

The company’s website notes that while JACO can pick up and manipulate small objects, it is not designed to provide the level of dexterity to perform fine motor-skill tasks such as writing or typing. The JACO can be set up in a left or right hand configuration and can attached to nearly any power wheelchair, used with the company’s optional bedside table, or mounted on a counter-top or table.

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[Source: Innovations Health Devices]