fyzThe Werner Institute for Balance and Dizziness has reportedly joined with Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers, a nationwide network of medical and scientific-based physical therapy and fitness centers. According to a news story appearing in the Nevada Business Magazine, the Werner Institute, now operating under the Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center’s name, will continue to operate at its two Southern Nevada locations.

The newly branded locations, the story reports, specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with peripheral and central nervous system disorders of the balance system. Testing services, equipment, and hands-on physical therapy to improve balance and vertigo are provided to patients.

Werner Institute for Balance and Dizziness founder, Brian K. Werner, MPT, launched his center in 2005 and since joining the Fyzical brand, has been able to network with physical therapists nationwide to share his proprietary balance program. Werner states in the news story that once he found out about Fyzical’s efforts to ensure “the future of private practice physical therapy owners,” he wanted to part of it.

Werner emphasizes that the ability to work together allows more to be accomplished than when operating alone. Wener adds that the network of healthcare professionals aims to provide Southern Nevada with access to high quality physical therapy programs.

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Source: Nevada Business Magazine