The Torrance, Calif-based company Convaid recently announced that it has partnered with United Parcel Service (UPS) in its sustainability efforts. Convaid will participate in the freight company’s “UPS carbon neutral” program, designed to allow shippers to offset the environmental impact of transporting their freight with contributions based upon each shipment’s CO2 emissions. Revenue from the program has reportedly supported projects including reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

Convaid states that currently it ships about 80 packages a day. With an average “UPS carbon neutral” contribution of five cents per package, the company says, this adds up to about $1,040 each year. The money is well spent, company leadership states, as it helps ensure the company takes responsibility for its environmental footprint and contributes to a sustainable economy.

Chris Braun, president, Convaid, explains that the company shares UPS’ concern regarding the impact shipping its products has on the environment. “We embrace the opportunity to help offset this by participating in programs that help make the world safer and more sustained for us all,” Braun says.

The company adds that in additional to participating in the “UPS carbon neutral,” it will strive to increase its environmental stewardship with recycling programs for by-products such as e-waste, steel and aluminum, fluorescent tubes, cardboard, and paper.

[Source: Convaid]