United Spinal Association notes in a media release that Uber’s new Washington, DC Taxi “Wheelchair” option is “inadequate and unsustainable.”

This option enables riders to use Uber to request a wheelchair-accessible taxi.

However, Carol Tyson, director of disability policy at United Spinal Association, says in the release that, “There are two reasons why this is not an adequate solution; current demand for accessible taxi service in the District far exceeds supply, and Uber is actively weakening the taxi industry—the wheelchair option source providing the few accessible vehicles available in DC.”

James Weisman, president and CEO of United Spinal Association, who helped draft significant portions of the Americans With Disabilities Act, adds in the release that, “Partnering with a diminishing taxi industry that Uber is actively seeking to undermine and force out of business, is not a sustainable solution.”

Tyson explains in the release that partnering with taxis does not increase access for the community and is not a long-term solution. Rather, per the release, taxi drivers in the Washington, DC district have reportedly seen a significant reduction in revenue as a result of Uber’s presence in the market.

“Many of the District’s accessible taxis sit on lots, while existing taxi drivers struggle to make a living wage,” Tyson notes.

For more information, visit United Spinal Association.

[Source(s): United Spinal Association, PR Newswire]