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Cypress Therapy Management
Cypress Portal

Cypress is a feature-rich desktop application for skilled nursing facility (SNF) therapists and managers. The software was designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by SNF rehab departments. Cypress gives organizations the tools to manage their entire business for financial and clinical success. Cypress is written in C++ with a Microsoft SQL database. Cypress is extremely flexible and gives the ability to export patient rehab charges to virtually any third-party billing software. Cypress removes the guesswork from a department’s efforts to maintain compliance with ever-changing and complex reimbursement and regulatory requirements. Among Cypress’ unique features are the Rehabilitation Outcomes Measure (ROM), clinical and financial planning tools, computer-based training, payroll tracking, flexible financial reimbursement models, edit checking to ensure accurate billing, and simple work-flow navigation for ease of use. With features such as nightly automatic off-site data backup, Web-based management information portal, and Web-based IT tools for remote access, Cypress gives organizations a competitive advantage.

The Web-based Cypress Portal aggregates and reports information across the entire organization, without the need of a dedicated IT department or costly servers. The Cypress Portal is written in ASP accessing aggregated Microsoft SQL data.

Accu-Med offers Cypress clients comprehensive training customized to their business objectives. Cypress trainers work with the organization before training begins to ensure efficient use of staff time and the best results for your business.


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Clinicient Insight™


Clinicient Insight™ practice management software connects people and processes to make your clinic run smoothly and profitably. Clinicient Insight includes tools for patient registration, front desk management, clinical documentation, billing and A/R, and practice management.

The key to Clinicient Insight’s product architecture is the centralized database technology. With the ability to enter data once and use data everywhere, clinic staff are able to access and use the latest information they need to do their job, at any time.

Clinicient Insight’s documentation software enables therapists to create documentation at the point of care, with a charting system that exactly mirrors the way they work.

Clinicient Insight customized reporting module constantly monitors the key performance indicators that drive patient satisfaction and business results, and serves this data up in the form of a customizable dashboard. Clinicient Insight enables clinic managers to assign and track tasks, and also provides alerts at the first sign of potential problems.

Clinicient’s “software on demand” infrastructure can be used by any staff member using any personal computer connected to the Internet, eliminating the need to maintain servers in the clinic while maintaining the highest levels of security, availability, and data backup.


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Owned by the nonprofit American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association, eRehabData is an industry leader in features, functionality, and performance for inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) outcome systems. Based off the IRF-PAI (patient assessment instrument), the multiuser-based software offers everything from patient case management to enterprise-wide analysis with an easy-to-use Web browser front end. eRehabData provides a complete set of features for the IRF-PPS, including payment, functional outcomes, and compliance reports. Users can access eRehabData from any computer with an Internet connection, and can integrate the software with other programs.

eRehabData is designed for inpatient rehabilitation facilities. A companion system, eSNFdata, is designed for skilled nursing facilities.

eRehabData—ranging in price from $3,500 to $6,800 per year—provides all software and database maintenance functions, including free, continuous software and report upgrades and improvements. Users also benefit from free training, free user support, and excellent documentation resources.

Innovation and motivation to improve set eRehabData apart from other software applications. eRehabData offered the first Web-based outcomes tool for inpatient rehabilitation facilities; the first and best daily drill-down outcomes reports with national and regional comparisons, including time-series comparison graphs. eRehabData models proposed legislation quickly and offers retroactive application of legislative changes for consistent comparisons over time. eRehabData is owned by the IRF industry, and their only goal is to help IRFs.


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Designed by rehab professionals for rehab professionals, E-RehabDocs is a Windows XP, 2000, or Vista platform software system for physical therapy, occupational therapy, industrial, and any other type of rehab setting, including private practice, hospital, nursing home, and home health. The software is written in MS Access, Jet 4.0, SQL, Visual Basic, and Active X, and is available in English or Spanish. E-RehabDocs can be server/client based, peer-to-peer based, or stand-alone client based, and has integrated launch links available. The program is touch-screen capable and voice integration capable. Stand-alone or network versions are also available.

Features include daily notes; evaluations (initial/progress/discharge/700/701/FCE reports/plan of care—all customizable); clinical correspondence (insurance, pre-cert, peer-review and attorney letters, multi-disciplinary capable, work restrictions/excused absences); English and Spanish home and clinical exercises and flow sheets (unlimited expansion and customization—hundreds of report styles); handwriting recognition, tablet and touch-screen capable, voice integration capable, and drag and drop graphics and imaging.

The company offers free 1-year support; live Web-based Web support and training; free and frequent semiautomatic Web updates for licensed customers; on-site installation; and training, not necessary due to live-Web capabilities, but on-site is available by quote.

A free unlimited, fully functional trial is available by download, CD, or DVD. Pricing depends on the number of facilities and users. Flexible in-house no-interest and third-party financing are available.

Hands on Technology Inc

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Practicing physical therapists created the multiuser, multisite TheraOffice and TheraWriter.PT, targeting the latest hardware and software technology on the market. Program features include: scheduling—multi-resource, multi-facility integrated schedule; documentation—initial evaluations, daily notes, progress notes, discharge notes, Treatment Encounter Notes for Medicare, 700 and 701 forms, plans of care, and home exercise reports; patient accounting/billing—insurance and patient billing, integrated claim transmission utility, ANSI x12 837, and electronic and paper 1500 formats; and Enterprise Manager—benchmarking tools and dashboard reporting.

The PC/Windows-based, non-ASP/ASP programs are designed specifically for outpatient physical therapy, but can easily be customized for inpatient and skilled nursing. TheraOffice and TheraWriter.PT have an HL7 interface available and include a prospective payment system application. Entry is available through laptop, handheld, scanning, and tablet PC, and will soon be available through ultraportable PCs.

Two pricing models are available: subscriptions start at $575 for the initial setup, plus $72 per month/provider; or the software can be purchased directly for $1,795/provider.

The company’s support options include remote desktop technical support, phone, e-mail, and online knowledge base. Training options include Web/phone conference training, printed manuals, and video training. Upgrades and maintenance are released and sent to subscription users, and can be purchased on an ongoing basis for direct buy users.

KMS Systems

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Rehab Office™

KMS Systems’ software can operate as single- or multi-user applications with robust client-server database support, with custom export programs developed as specified by customers. Operating on a Windows 2000 or XP platform, the programs are written in Delphi. Data entry is available through desktop and laptop computers, as well as wireless networks.

All three products are appropriate for a skilled nursing facility’s rehab department, and support several billing arrangements for Medicare-A PPS, Medicare-B fee schedules, and managed care. Minute utilization reports provide information about patient treatments that are out of compliance with established RUGs levels. Therapist scheduling systems use RUGs levels to anticipate and streamline the scheduling process.

The software systems feature HIPAA compliance, including audit tracking, user authentication, and encryption for data-transfer and e-mail; patient admission and discharge tracking; treatment and evaluation tracking; distribution of treatment minutes to appropriate CPT codes; HCFA 700/701 plan of treatment with SmartText; interdisciplinary outcomes; discipline-specific outcomes with modality tracking; word processing with templates and patient merge; contract rehab invoices with support for many PPS and managed care billing arrangements; tracking labor hours and printing labor logs; tracking payroll hours and printing timesheets; facility profit reporting and billing forecasts; tracking referral sources and printing analysis; therapists/patient scheduling; accounts receivable system; caseload reports; and therapist productivity graphs and reports.

KMS Systems offers on-site training and deployment, call-in support, and continuous upgrades with release notes. User manuals are designed to be a self-paced, hands-on tutorial. The software costs between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on the number of sites and whether data is managed at a central office or on each facility’s computers.


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The multi-user, multi-facility-based MediLinks is designed to be used in a rehabilitation environment with a focus on supporting acute inpatient, outpatient, IRF, and LTACH operations. MediLinks is written in C#/C++ and can be used on Windows and Microsoft SQL servers, and can interface with every leading hospital information system via HL7. Included among its features are patient scheduling, resource management, patient evaluations, data management, utilization, management reports, outcomes reports, charge capture, authorizations, and template, flowsheet, or branching logic based documentation. In addition, MediLinks includes prospective payment system applications. The software supports point of care charting via wireless networks and handheld devices or through synchronization-based mobile devices.

MediServe supports MediLinks through implementation, clinical consulting, IT professional services, and 24/7 technical services.

The MediLinks price is department and facility dependent—priced per concurrent user.

MIMS LLC/Rehab Toolkit

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Rehab Toolkit™

With Rehab Toolkit™, MIMS LLC offers one software solution for front desk, clinic, and back office functions that can be implemented in one or multiple clinic sites. The company specializes in rehabilitation, and develops utilities in step with industry.

Rehab Toolkit is a multiuser software solution for private practices from small to enterprise level; contract therapy settings as well as up to 99 departments are also supported. The program runs on Windows 2003/2000, a server in terminal services, or Citrix, and can be integrated with other software programs and utilities. It is written in Microsoft Visual Basic and Raining Data/D3 database, and can be accessed through a tablet PC, laptop, workstation, and Windows-based terminals.

Rehab Toolkit offers patient scheduling, patient evaluations, data management, utilization, management reports, outcomes reports, patient/contract billing, discharge planning, patient/physician insurer letters, word processing, documentation, reimbursement, accounting, appointment scheduling, therapy notes, and practice management reporting. The software includes prospective payment system applications.

MIMS offers an Extended Support Agreement, which covers upgrades and toll-free technical support. Training, both on-site and via the Internet, is also available. Rehab Toolkit is priced starting at $7,500 and up, depending on the user level.

Raintree Systems Inc

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Raintree Therapy Manager

Raintree Therapy Manager offers users a full suite of Practice Management Solutions. Every module within Raintree Therapy Manager is built to support reimbursement (billing and collections) functions. This includes scheduling, clinical documentation/EMR, utilization tracking, outcomes reporting, financial management reporting, and marketing features. Raintree users are provided all business critical application functions in a single platform. Raintree is capable of scheduling with multiple views. Entire staff views may be managed in consolidated views. Raintree also manages recurring appointments.

Raintree’s ultra-thin-client technology provides organizations with the ability to tie multiple locations together without the need for Citrix, MS terminal services, or any other third-party “technology layer.” A multiuser, multisite application, Raintree can be run over dial-up or greater Internet connections with HIPAA-compliant encryption without the need for virtual private networks or any third-party encryption products. The system is designed for use in outpatient clinics, surgery centers, educational institutions, and rehab centers, and by developmental disabilities providers.

Written in Delphi 7 and using Windows operating systems ultra-thin-client application as its operating platform, Raintree provides customers with the ability to share any table data between databases and manage multiple databases quickly and easily. Complete role-based user security is maintained within all databases. Since it can be integrated with other programs, Raintree Therapy Manager supports wireless laptops, tablet PCs, and desktop computers. Raintree also supports dictation, document scanning, and bar code data entry.

Raintree provides 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week software maintenance with upgrades and training included. We provide purchase and/or subscription pricing options.


Company Inc
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ReDoc Software

Endorsed by both the APTA and the AOTA, ReDoc is appropriate for all settings where physical, occupational, and speech therapy services are provided. ReDoc is written in C# and Visual Basic, and the platform is in MS.NET with an MS SQL database. It can interface with many leading billing applications.

Among the features of the multi- and single-user based software are comprehensive documentation components specifically for PTs, OTs, and SLPs that address clinical and compliance issues throughout the patient’s entire treatment cycle. ReDoc also offers coding alerts at the point of care, management reports, customized reports, and outcomes. Prospective payment system applications are not currently available. ReDoc entries can be made in a number of ways, including desktops, laptops, and tablets on a local or wide area network. ReDoc provides technical support 7 am to 6 pm CST, Monday through Friday. Training is provided by physical therapists either over the phone or on-site. ReDoc will release one or two upgrades annually. The cost of ReDoc varies with the size, complexity, and needs of the clinic. The price could be as low as $1,500 for a one-user clinic.

Source Medical

100 Grandview Place, Suite 400
Birmingham, AL 35243
Phone: (800) 719-1904
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TherapySource™ is designed for the outpatient rehabilitation market, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology in any outpatient setting from private practice to hospital-based outpatient facilities.

The software is a Windows-based application that is offered in either of two delivery models: a customer hosted model or an Application Service Provider (ASP) model where Source Medical hosts the application. TherapySource operates on a variety of input devices from standard desktop computers to wireless laptops and tablet PCs. The wireless devices allow clinicians to document at the point of care.

Software pricing is based on the number of clinical users and the delivery that best meets the customer’s needs.

TherapySource is a multiuser-based application. The ASP model is ideal for clinics that do not have, or want, the technology expertise needed to manage a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). It interfaces with any third party software that supports HL7 transactions sets. For example, TherapySource can interface to systems from Cerner, IDX, McKesson, Misys, NetFile Manager, and Siemens for patient demographics, scheduling, billing, and EMR.

The program features scheduling, registration, patient documentation (EMR), coding and compliance, billing and collections, revenue cycle management, operational reporting, marketing reporting, management reporting, and outcomes reporting.

Live telephone support is provided Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm CST. On-call support is provided Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 6 am CST, and Saturday and Sunday from 6 am to 6 pm CST. E-mail support is provided around the clock 7 days a week.

Source Medical provides initial training depending on the solution that is purchased. This includes on-site training and go-live support. Additional training is provided on request.

All software upgrades for regulatory, product maintenance, and product enhancements to existing modules are provided on a regular basis and are scheduled with the client.

SpectraSoft Inc

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Tempe, AZ 85284
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Fax: (480) 413-0448
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SpectraSoft PT Suite (AppointmentsPRO scheduling software and DocuPRO documentation software)

SpectraSoft PT Suite is a Windows application that simplifies the workflow process by taking a detailed patient intake screen to track multiple coverages and authorizations. Patient scheduling functions allow users to make, find, and edit multi-visit, multi-resource appointments instantly; automated reminder calls, e-mails, and letters reduce no-shows; electronic files can be stored and attached to the patient record; the Task Manager lets users assign and receive tasks to/from any staff member, and monitor the task status; the system alerts practitioners when a patient has arrived; over 160 body-specific templates use branching logic to zip you through evaluations and documentation; more than 40 report templates generate detailed reports for physicians and payors; the therapist home screen provides a comprehensive summary of the day’s scheduled patients, their case histories, and the visits awaiting documentation; over 80 management reports cover every aspect of a practice, including billing and collections, resource utilization, referral marketing, no-shows, staff productivity, and outcomes analysis; outcomes data can be exported automatically to CareConnections; and all charges are picked up directly from the documentation, ensuring that the documentation always matches the billing. The PT Suite runs on PCs, laptops, and tablet PCs. One-click scanning enables users to convert and store insurance information, physician instructions, and other paper records with the electronic patient record.

The multi-user, multi-location software integrates with many popular systems, including PTOS, BMS, TurboPT, and others. It also supports HL7 interfaces to many other clinical and hospital systems. SpectraSoft scheduling and documentation software is used in clinics of all sizes, outpatient hospitals, acute care and skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care facilities.

The price for the program is $2,595 and up for scheduling and documentation.

Training is available both on location and over the Web to meet a facility’s specific needs. Version updates are free to all customers. To reduce potential downtime, every workstation is equipped with comprehensive online help and documentation.