Spine surgeon David Abraham, MD, The Reading Neck & Spine Center, Reading, Pa. (PRNewsFoto/SpineCenterNetwork.com)

Spine surgeon David Abraham, MD, The Reading Neck & Spine Center, Reading, Pa. (PRNewsFoto/SpineCenterNetwork.com)

Spine Center Network reports that The Reading Neck & Spine Center, located in Reading, Pa, has been added to its list of multidisciplinary spine centers in August.

Spine Center Network comprises a network of credentialed spine centers across the country that emphasizes nonsurgical treatment options before surgery, according to the website.

The Reading Neck & Spine Center combines, under one roof, a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon who is fellowship-trained in spine surgery, a board-certified specialist in non-surgical treatment options and spinal injections, x-ray, and a team of affiliated spine therapists with a full exercise gym, per a media release from Spine Center Network.

“Too many times the person with back or neck pain has to drive to a doctor’s office, then back into the car for a drive to a diagnostic center, then to a different location for therapy,” states David Abraham, MD, a founder of The Reading Neck & Spine Center, in the release.

“Because the clinicians are not connected, the patient has to explain their problem multiple times to providers who don’t communicate with each other or share the same patient chart. This fragmentation can result in the patient being told different diagnoses and treatment plans,” he adds.

The aim of a multidisciplinary spine center is to ensure that the patient gets the right type of care at the right time, notes Bob Reznik, MBA, president of Prizm Development Inc, which started the Spine Center Network, in the release.

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