performtexPerformTex Products LLC, headquartered in Hatboro, Pa, notes that it has signed BML basic as a distributor of the PerformTex line of products. Established in 1968, BML specializes in the manufacturing of foot orthotics to serve the chiropractic industry’s patients who have short leg deficiencies. In addition to the chiropractic industry, the company has served as a wholesale distributor for nationwide industries that include physical therapy, massage, and spa.

John Jarvis, marketing director, PerformTex, articulates the company’s pride in adding BML basic to its distribution network, “as they exemplify our values and beliefs when it comes to customer service, support and value on a day in and day out basis.”

Josh Stroud, purchasing manager, echoes Jarvis’ sentiment and explains that BML basic has been distributing kinesiology tape for more than 5 years, and after seeing an ad for PerformTex, “it was obvious that we had to offer PerformTex Tape.”

Source: PerformTex LLC