Stander Inc, Logan, UT, received recognition during the Spring Medtrade 2012 Product Show for its mobility products, which are designed to accommodate the needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities. In addition to three other Stander products that won awards for innovation and quality, Stander received the innovation award for Best New Product for its Great Grips Doorknob Handle. According to a recent news release, the device is designed to allow older adults, individuals with arthritis, and individuals with disabilities to open doors with the touch of a finger, fist, or elbow. Users may benefit from the product’s easy installation and easy-to-grip handle.

Medtrade officials note that in addition to the doorknob device, the company’s multiple, creative home mobility products contributed to its recognition. Jan Miller, CEO, founder of Stander Inc, notes the company’s pride in the recognition of their products since, “We only release products that meet the highest standards of consumers, and this helps validate the long process from development to completion,” Miller explains.

Stander highlights its commitment to providing quality home safety products for older adults and offers more than 30 innovative products.

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Source: Stander Inc