Fusion Care Systems, a health monitoring service provider, is offering new ways for seniors, their families and caregivers to monitor health and preserve independence, announced its launch today.

Fusion Care Systems creates individually customized monitoring systems centered on a simple-to-use touch-screen unit and an Internet connection. These turnkey systems let loved-ones, their friends and family, and caregivers the ability to receive real-time alerts for changes in activities of daily living, prescription schedules, and more. Users can communicate to each other from within the system and receive alerts by email, phone or text message. Traditionally, monitoring systems provided no way for family and caregivers to easily communicate with health care providers.

The company was founded by CEO Matt Smith, an IT entrepreneur with a background in custom residential automation systems. Smith launched Fusion Care when he saw a way to pair his expertise with a rising need for affordable health monitoring that could serve as an alternative to residential or managed care options. A MetLife study placed assisted living facility costs at $38,000 annually and nursing home costs at $81,000 annually.

“For most seniors, successful aging means aging at home,” said Smith. “Easy-to-use systems that create a triangle of care with seniors, their family and their caregivers are no longer over the horizon. They’re here, and they’ll have a big impact on quality of life. We’re proud to be the first to deliver on that promise.”

The scalable system can also monitor multiple clients, opening the door for assisted living professionals to automate functions and increase the quality of contact and care with their clients.

(Source: Press Release)