Seattle-based GoMotive has launched a new app designed to help physical therapists retain clients and build referrals.

According to the company, the app enables PTs to improve quality of care by using evidence-based video and text protocols that PTs can create themselves. The app allows PTs to modify the included templates to fit their practices to create HIPAA-compliant home exercise programs that they can schedule and control in progressive sequences.

With the new app, the company states on its website, PTs can create their own exercises and HEPs directly on their mobile devices. They can also record patients doing prescribed exercises, and track their progress via a mobile device or personal computer.

The app also includes a remote therapy system that enables PTs to learn when their patients are having trouble with an exercise and to provide instant feedback.

As well, PTs can use the app to connect with trainers and coaches to expand their practices while keeping their clients within their own account.

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[Source: GoMotive]