Children of all ages, including those with physical challenges, can enjoy an ultra-accessible 25-acre park in San Antonio, Texas, designed to provide enjoyment and recreation for individuals with special needs.  Morgan’s Wonderland, a park promoted as a facility “where everyone can play,” was created to address the need for outdoor recreation for those with physical or cognitive challenges.

Morgan’s Wonderland, inspired by philanthropist Gordon Hartman’s daughter Morgan, a child with special needs, hosts a range of attractions for children and their families.  The park’s attractions provide an opportunity for rehabilitative play. 

Visitors can engage in a wide range of activities in an 18,000-square-foot event center and gymnasium that offers traditional and wheelchair basketball, volleyball and indoor tennis. Traditional, adaptive and wheelchair swings are also available on the park’s grounds. Children of all ages and abilities are given the opportunity to glide back and forth securely in swings designed specifically to fit their needs. A Walk and Roll path encourages strolls around the park’s lake with themed, shaded rest stops and air-conditioned restrooms. 

Children and their families can also enjoy a trip “around the world” on a 1930’s style train, performances at the park’s amphitheatre that passes rest areas reminiscent of Africa, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Italy, and the Caribbean, themed play areas that are shaded with rubberized surfaces for safety and comfort, a sand area that offers hands-on play designed for the physical needs of children in wheelchairs, and a host of other attractions.

For more information about Morgan’s Wonderland or to make a reservation, visit http://www.morgan’

Source: Morgan’s Wonderland