The Sheperd Center of Atlanta, Ga, received a new 5-year federal grant for its continuing distinction as a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Model. Sheperd Center has held its title as a SCI Model System continuously since 1982 and has since produced advancements in all areas funded by the grant, including site-specific research. 

In the area of site-specific research, Sheperd Center facilitated two research projects, focusing on activity-based training for patients suffering from complete spinal cord injuries and a clinical trial for SCI utilizing embryonic stem cell therapy.

During the first research project, Sheperd Center enrolled its initial patients with motor complete (ASIA Impairment Scale A and B) SCIs in a NeuroRecovery Network activities-based rehabilitation program. 

Sheperd Center joined seven other U.S. medical facilities in its second project, which evaluated patients with new, thoracic-level SCIs to determine potential candidacy for a Phase I clinical research trial of a human embryonic stem cell-based therapy developed by the Geron Corporation.

Source: Sheperd Center