Software solutions are providing therapy clinics with some of their most important gains in efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. RM gathered information from top manufacturers in the physical therapy software market for head-up comparisons about features and benefits that make each product stand out. Read on to find out more about what each system may be able to offer you.
—Frank Long, Editor

AccuMed Technology Solutions
(800) 777-9141
Program: Connections Therapy Management

The Connections Therapy Management software from AccuMed Technology Solutions is designed to be flexible, accommodate all treatment settings, and incorporate a simple-to-use and intuitive workflow that enables rapid data entry. Connections, which offers cloud computing, is designed with customized payor-specific coding rules to enforce regulatory compliance. This helps ensure accurate billing and adherence to company-specific treatment guidelines. When it comes to clinical documentation, Deficit Directed Documentation can help increase therapist efficiency and improve the quality of treatment documentation. These time-saving features were included to provide Connections customers a rapid return on investment and peace of mind about their purchase decision. AccuMed strives to provide practical and innovative solutions that support the needs of therapists, maximize business and clinical practices, and enhance regulatory compliance.

EON Systems Inc
(800) 955-6448
Program: The Digital Office

The Digital Office includes billing, scheduling, practice management, and EHR with specific note sets for PT, OT, and ST. Notes also cater to pediatric. Exercise notes with hundreds of pictures (including aquatic) and notes for other disciplines are also available. The Digital Office comprises three major components, each available separately or as an integrated package. The Practice Solution provides direct and electronic billing, scheduling, and practice management. This system includes the Insurance Follow-Up Center, designed to make it easy to track and follow up on bills, and perform rebills and tracers. Documentor is noting software that enables users to see a note being written in real time while entering options. Providers can customize their own notes and randomize them so they are truly unique. Document Solution is a component that can help offices become paperless. This system was created to make it easy for users to get more done and streamline the office.

Hands On Technology Inc
(866) 562-8413
Program: TheraOffice

Hands On Technology Inc and TheraOffice offer a fully integrated EMR and practice-management system so that all aspects of patient care become unified and manageable in one program. The task and alert feature can be configured to identify actions for TheraOffice users to avoid noncompliance, prevent rejected claims, increase patient visits, and increase clinic efficiencies. With TheraOffice, custom-tailored documentation ensures that reports exhibit unique professionalism instead of fill-in-the-blank templates. Interfacing with services provided by ZirMed,, and increases convenience and productivity. With its flexible, modular design, TheraOffice can fit the needs of small, one-therapist start-ups or large multisite practices. Hands On Technology Inc and TheraOffice are constantly evolving with new technology and the ever-changing medical environment so that our solutions continue to meet the needs of our clients.

Optima Healthcare Solutions
(800) 619-4243
Program: Rehab Optima Therapy Management System

Rehab Optima Therapy Software is designed specifically for rehab professionals and is customizable to conform to the unique needs of each individual client—designed to be an ideal fit for almost any organization. Ingenious features and solutions bring superior ease of use and attention to detail, enabling point-of-service documentation and enhancing staff efficiency, which increases revenue and contribution margins. This system is built on innovation, improving continuity of care for patients, and financial management through PPS efficiency, RUG optimization, billing and payroll exports, proficient Part-B Cap management, drill-through reporting, and superior scheduling.

Patterson Medical
(800) 824-4305
Program: PTOS

PTOS is a well-supported software system for physical therapists—with users reported in all 50 states—that offers a range of solutions that includes billing, documentation, scheduling, outcomes management, electronic claims, practice analysis, collections, and accounts receivable. Users can document with extensive, customizable templates assembled by leading physical therapists. The software also allows users to schedule rooms, equipment, and therapists; verify patient authorizations; do e-mail reminders; check in patients; collect copays; and print receipts from one convenient place. PTOS can support billing and reporting with functions designed to provide integrated automated insurance claims processing, import ERA remittances, track reimbursement caps, manage fee schedules, and generate a variety of reports to improve efficiency. Whether users want to reduce collection time, manage referrals, monitor patient authorizations, or simply spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork, PTOS is designed to help. Can be purchased as a suite of integrated modules or individual pieces, with training available in major cities.

(800) 982-5447
Program: Planetrehab

Since 2004, Planetrehab has focused on helping clinics throughout the country reduce expenses, raise revenues, and improve productivity. The firm’s complete practice-management software combines easy-to-use scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting, and collections for single- or multi-clinic operations. The system, which offers cloud computing, is designed to help users take advantage of no large up-front hardware costs, no modules to buy, and no costly licensing fees. Planetrehab is not converted physician management software, but was created specifically for physical and occupational therapy practices. Planetrehab is engineered to help simplify the processes of entering patient information, scheduling visits, documenting therapy, and receiving payment. The company offers an installed version, a web version, or a combination of the two.

Practice Perfect Management & EMR Software
(877) 510-7473
Program: PracticePerfect

PracticePerfect is reported to be clinically proven to grow profits by helping foster new referrals, reduce cancellations, enhance customer service, and measure clinical productivity, all through advanced reporting. Efficiency: PracticePerfect is designed to assist administrative and clinical staff in squeezing more out of the day by reducing time-intensive tasks to button clicks. The software can also help identify fallen-off-the-record clients, make appointment reminder phone calls/e-mails, and post insurer EOBs electronically. Daily clinical notes are easily prepared by using one-click paragraph macros and bringing-forward/modifying previous notes. Match note phrases to specific CPT codes. Compliance: PracticePerfect alerts users to missing daily notes, CCI edit issues, unit/appointment time inconsistencies, and incomplete client records. PracticePerfect enables office to go paperless and store any patient-related images and documents. Boost revenue with integrated PQRI forms. PracticePerfect is designed to deliver results such as fewer rejections and faster reimbursement, without up-front costs or long-term contracts.

Raintree Systems Inc
(800) 333-1033
Program: TherapyRehab Plus

Raintree’s TherapyRehab Plus is a fully integrated practice-management and EMR solution. The system is designed to seamlessly integrate a practice’s administrative and clinical departments. Therapists are able to quickly write detailed clinical notes with the program’s comprehensive PT, OT, and SLP templates. Letters to referring physicians can be sent directly from the system. TherapyRehab Plus employs CCI edits, automatically generating appropriate billing codes, derived from the clinical documentation. The program tracks authorized visits, providing alerts for expiring authorizations and dollar limits. Other efficiency tools include automated electronic insurance verification and direct remittance (auto payment posting). The program provides more than 150 financial analysis reports along with therapist productivity reports and collection effort efficiency reports. TherapyRehab Plus is available as a Web- or client server-based application. TherapyRehab Plus is designed so owners of multisite practices can connect their locations without the need for third-party networking software, and reduce the cost of ownership.

The Rehab Documentation Company
(888) 401-4400
Program: ReDoc

ReDoc’s focus is on results, and not just providing great documentation, scheduling, and business intelligence software that interfaces with all practice-management and hospital billing systems. ReDoc Enterprise Solution is designed to help clients define and measure their current status and goals for outcomes and key business performance indicators. Most often, those indicators include enhancing revenue, and eliminating over- and underbilling while capturing loss charges. Other indicators include mitigating risk through compliance, increasing referrals, and improving patient and staff satisfaction. ReDoc Enterprise Solution was created to provide the tools, knowledge, and follow-up services to help customers re-engineer workflow processes to optimize their goals.

TherAssist Software LLC
(800) 596-3646
Program: TherAssist

TherAssist offers an electronic medical record (EMR) solution designed to help users easily convert to a digitally paperless clinic. TherAssist, which offers cloud computing, provides a user-friendly software package that features scheduling, documentation, and billing to help meet present and future needs. Developed for both administrative and clinical staff, TherAssist applications are designed to be easily customizable and allow natural SOAP note documentation with complete and immediate access to a patient’s clinical history. As a true EMR, this system is ideally suited to centralize multisite clinics, streamline operations, and improve reimbursements. TherAssist offers an ideal solution for multidisciplinary health care facilities of any size with applications available for LAN/WAN and Enterprise configurations, or via the Internet through our ASP delivery model. TherAssist can also export demographic and billing data into all hospital systems via an HL-7 interface.