Toss the whiteboard, Net Health Therapy for Acute Care is here to takeover!

Hey, Acute Care rehab therapy managers, does this describe what awaits you every morning?
  1. A stack of printed orders that needs to be sorted and assigned
  2. A whiteboard overflowing with magnets or sticky notes containing patient information
  3. The need to check the status of EVERY existing patient
We’ve heard first-hand from acute care therapy managers the challenges you face each day in order to ensure every patient is accounted for and served in a timely manner. Good news! After talking with many clinical providers and managers, we have developed a digital approach to managing patient caseload in the acute care setting so you can leave your old-school methods behind.

Net Health Therapy for Acute Care will forever change your acute care workload management. Streamline patient and therapist management while driving compliance and keeping the HIS, medical team and rehabilitation providers informed with up-to-date patient information. Net Health Therapy for Acute Care integrates with your HIS, so you’ll automatically receive patient demographics, order updates and location changes – that means knowing where the patient is and what they need in real-time.

You can go ahead and throw that antiquated whiteboard in the dumpster. With Net Health Therapy for Acute Care, you’ll be able to monitor caseloads in real-time, conserve labor hours, and digitally manage assignments, orders, notes, and transitions in care.

Video Transcript

Meet Ron. He’s a therapist on a large hospital campus. And every morning he reports to the rehab department to get his patient caseload for the day. Here, he reviews information about his patients on a physical white board full of patient magnets and handwritten notes. Each magnet represents a patient that needs to be seen. And each handwritten note on the magnet contains information specific to that patient or their orders. After he’s done reviewing and preparing for his patients, he’s out the door. His patients are all over the hospital campus. He gets his workout for sure. But once he leaves the physical whiteboard, any changes that are made to the schedule or any updates to existing orders or new orders need to be communicated to him via page or phone call.

To use his time efficiently, he likely isn’t running back to the office to check in between each patient. And how is that going to ensure that his patients are properly taken care of? Meet Jennifer. Her job is to manage the physical patient whiteboard for the same large hospital campus. Managing the patient white board requires constantly updating handwritten notes, keeping up with new and updated orders, and then somehow communicating these changes to several team members who are out in the field. It’s obviously a time consuming and tedious job to stay on top of it and ensure patients are properly taken care of and the therapist’s time is used efficiently.

The ReDoc patient management board was designed in a way that would streamline your therapist’s workflow by replacing the physical whiteboard and magnets. The ReDoc patient management board can be accessed from any computer across the hospital or campus. Therapists can easily check their schedules, their patient orders, all in real time. Each magnet contains a status so that the therapist can easily tell if the order is new, if the order has been updated, if the patient is active and has already been visited that day, and if the patient is in observation status. The therapist can also send their notes and evaluations back to the hospitals HIS to be included with a patient’s overall note.

A manager can easily assign out new orders to teams, shuffle assignments as needed, and know that the therapists and entire team receive real time updates. Now that’s ensuring the therapist’s time is used efficiently and making sure that patients are properly taken care of.

Communication, Documentation, and Education: Directors of Rehab Weigh in on the Top Challenges in Acute Therapy

Ohio County Healthcare, located in Hartford, Kentucky, was looking for an integrated EHR solution that could meet their specialized needs for acute care and help them provide the best patient care possible. Net Health Therapy for Acute Care did just that – and more.

Get the specialized tools you need to manage your acute care clinic.

Net Health Therapy for Acute Care streamlines patient and therapist management while driving compliance and keeping your HIS, clinical team, and rehabilitation providers informed with up-to-date patient information.

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