Oakland, Calif-based Physical Therapy Innovations (PTI) reports that, after upgrading its analytics and services solution to the Total INSIGHT system from Clinicient, it has seen a $50K revenue increase over the course of the year.

The practice has been using Clinicient’s Practice INSIGHT system since December 2014, but it recently chose to upgrade to Total INSIGHT. Its goal for the upgrade was to automate two-thirds of the care delivery chain’s manual processes.

A comparison of the first 7 months on Total INSIGHT with the first 7 months on Practice INSIGHT revealed that PTI’s revenue was poised to increase by $50,000 over the course of the year.

According to Clinicient in a company news release, PTI’s income increase falls in line with other results from practices that have begun using Total INSIGHT since its launch in January 2015: an average revenue increase of 13.8%.

In total, PTI’s utilization of Total INSIGHT’s integrated software, process automation, and business coaching helped the practice increase its revenue by 8-12%, decrease its operating costs by 10%, and minimize the time to collect by 30%, per the release.

“With any practice-wide transition, there is usually a degree of anxiety and troubleshooting associated with the on-boarding process. However, I’m pleased that our migration to Total INSIGHT was initially devoid of these types of problems,” says Allen Ling, MPT, OCS, owner of Physical Therapy Innovations, in the release.

“We’re proud that PTI was not only able to successfully transition to Total INSIGHT, but also discover and capture additional revenue streams that were previously unavailable,” states Rick Jung, CEO and chairman of Clinicient, per the release.

[Source: Clinicient]