Bodycad OnCall, new from Quebec City, Canada-headquartered Bodycad, provides personalized, individually manufactured orthopedic restorations for complex cases.

Via the Personalized Restoration Evaluation Process (PREP), Bodycad PREP Techs collaborate with surgeons to achieve an anatomical fit for a patient whose particular needs require a more customized, and not off-the-shelf, orthopedic solution. PREP Techs offer consultation and support on load bearing, joint articulation, and orthopedic correction.

Then, using 3D printing, a prosthesis or orthopedic solution is produced using a model created with Bodycad Personalized Restoration Software, explains a media release from Bodycad.

“A direct relationship between the surgeon and the prosthesis designer must be established, and mutual trust must be created, in order for a customized approach to deliver optimal results. Bodycad is pioneering this relationship,” states Jean Robichaud, founder and CEO of Bodycad, in the release.

For more information, visit Bodycad.

[Source(s): Bodycad, PR Newswire]