CellTrak Technologies introduces LearningManager, a software solution that enables home care agencies to provide and manage structured training for their staff via their desktops or mobile devices.

“It’s a challenge for providers to keep up with training new staff, especially caregivers who rarely come into the office,” states Mark Battaglia, CellTrak’s CEO, in a media release.

“Ineffective or delayed training means risking the quality of care delivered, and customer and employee satisfaction. It also means lower productivity. Classroom training is expensive to manage and conduct. The timing of turnover, frequent software updates, and the time and expense for staff traveling to the office for training, all contribute to the cost. CellTrak LearningManager makes all of those issues a thing of the past.”

CellTrak LearningManager includes a set of training videos on the use of the CellTrak Care Delivery Management software for caregivers and office staff, as well as features and reports for establishing and monitoring the program, Battaglia adds.

Via LearningManager, supervisors can assign role-specific curriculum, easily monitor the progress of each user, determine comprehension of materials, and quickly identify coaching opportunities. Staff members can also access LearningManager at any time to review training content and for other reference information, per the release.

[Source(s): CellTrak Technologies, Business Wire]