Tekscan Inc, South Boston, introduces the Sway Analysis Module (SAM), a new software product offering.

SAM is the ideal tool to analyze sway and assess balance and posture by detecting and measuring parameters that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye, according to the company.

Sway plays an important role in the overall postural alignment and physical balance of the body. Sway and balance analysis also play a key role in the evaluation of foot- and body posture-related problems, and in adjustment or treatment, such as with foot orthotics and musculoskeletal manipulations, among others.

SAM, with the use of a Tekscan floor mat, is a cost-effective and user-friendly sway and balance assessment tool that supplies valuable measurements for clinical evaluation and research, says the company. It is useful in the analysis of sway, posture, and balance-related disorders, and for underlying dysfunctions such as musculoskeletal and neurological problems.

Tekscan’s floor mats are portable, and can be set up anywhere on a stable and rigid surface, such as a hard floor. Easily transport the equipment and setup for an evaluation just about anywhere: in-clinic, in the gym, on the field, etc.

A standing test or trial is quick and easy to perform, says the company. With the click of a mouse, SAM provides the following parameters for analysis: area, distance, variability, and the anteroposterior and mediolateral excursions for the CoF (center of force). SAM also provides the relative percent weight-bearing of the body between the feet (left versus right), and within each foot (rearfoot versus forefoot), a measurement unique only with Tekscan’s floor mats, the company says.

SAM provides users with parameters to assess and treat instability and reduce the risk of injury. Users can assess the role of key posture, balance, and sway proprioception control elements such as vision, head position, occlusion, plantar foot contact, pressure, and weight-bearing patterns. Researchers can export the measures in spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel), and further the assessment, such as with statistical analysis for within subject repeated trials and between subjects for varying conditions.

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[Source: Tekscan]