PatientPay, a provider of patient billing and management solutions, has integrated into the Clinicient Insight system, providing an omni-channel strategy with text, email, and paper statements to help Clinicient clients manage their healthcare financial obligations more easily.

“Clinicient’s focus in finding this partner was to deliver the best healthcare payment solution available to our clients and their patients for better payment outcomes along with increasing patient engagement. PatientPay’s specialized patient billing and payment solution delivers results by making healthcare payments easier for patients from the time they schedule their therapy services to the time they pay their bill.”

— T. Kent Rowe, Clinicient’s CEO

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) reports that the typical medical group sends, on average, 3.3 paper statements before payment is secured. PatientPay reduces the number of paper statements required to capture patient payments by providing online electronic bills and notifying patients via text and email, a media release from PatientPay explains.

“The team at Clinicient understands what is really important to their clients—patient satisfaction. Like PatientPay, they believe that electronic, dynamic communication capabilities, and easy-to-use patient billing and payment solutions deliver results that are 2 to 3 times better than traditional paper-based billing practices. We are pleased to be working with Clinicient to provide a patient billing and payment solution that drives higher outcomes for their clients.”

— Tom Furr, PatientPay’s CEO

[Source(s): PatientPay, PR Newswire]