Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital recently announced that it would extend its Driving Evaluation Program to its outpatient clinic in Milford, Mass. The assessment is designed to evaluate the driving skills of patients recovering from stroke, amputations, and spinal cord injuries along with older adults experiencing issues affecting vision, dexterity and reaction times. 

The program is compromised of two parts. The first is a clinical assessment. Under simulated conditions, an occupation therapist tests program participants’ visual acuity, cognition, perception, physical mobility and overall driving skills. Once the first part of the program has been successfully passed, participants undergo a road assessment conducted in a driving school vehicle under the supervision of an occupational therapist or driving instructor.

Program participants are required to meet certain medical stipulations for admission. Participants also must have a current driver’s license or instructional permit, and a physician’s order form.

Source: Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital