March 6, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta—When Aviva Canada Inc, introduced its Premiere Healthcare network, the insurer’s goal was to provide its customers timely, appropriate care for rehabilitating injuries such as sprains, muscle strains, and whiplash. The network of service providers was designed to promote the claimants’ recovery so they could return to regular activities soon after an automobile collision.

Aviva Canada screened its more than 250 Premiere Healthcare service providers and required them to earn CARF accreditation. CARF has been accrediting Canadian rehabilitation and other health and human service programs for four decades. CARF Canada was incorporated in 2002 with offices in Edmonton, Alberta, and Ottawa, Ontario.

“Accreditation is an indication of a company’s commitment to improve its service quality through a third party independent review of its operation against a set of quality standards. The accreditation process is a rigorous public step in the direction of continuous improvement and service excellence and carries out CARF’s mission to enhance the lives of persons served,” said Brian J. Boon, PhD, CARF president/CEO.

Given the high value Aviva Canada placed on accreditation for its contracted service providers, it was natural for the insurer to pursue the next step: to seek accreditation for itself.

“Pursuing accreditation was borne out of the desire to do the right thing for the customer,” said Greg Somerville, executive vice president and COO, Aviva Insurance. “With this additional seal of approval, our customers can feel even more confident that the care they are receiving is delivered at the highest standard available.”

During more than two years of consulting with CARF representatives and building employees’ understanding of accreditation, Aviva Canada prepared for an on-site accreditation survey. Over four days in 2007, a five-member CARF survey team interviewed staff, contracted providers, brokers, and customers; reviewed documents; and offered consultation for improvement.

The survey resulted in a 3-year accreditation award, the highest level available, for accident benefit case management and claims processing for Aviva Canada. Aviva Canada’s head office in Scarborough, Ontario, was also accredited for network administration.

“This provides tangible evidence that we are putting the customer first,” said Beth Bull, vice president, Aviva Canada Healthcare Services. “Ultimately, it shows Aviva’s progressiveness in terms of innovation to injury claims management.”

For more information on accreditation of insurance services, call Al Whitehurst, CARF corporate communications, (520) 325-1044, ext.155, or Annette Watson, CARF managing director, (202) 587-5001, ext. 5002.

Source: CARF