tek-edTekscan will host its annual educational seminar centered on gait and foot function analysis, October 5 to 6. According to a recent news release, the Boston-based company will present the “Gait and Foot Function Analysis Seminar” at the University of North Texas, Health Science Center, in Fort Worth. A variety of hands-on workshops, presentations, and lectures will be featured to allow attendees to learn how to evaluate and analyze gait with Tekscan’s in-shoe and floor mat plantar pressure measurement systems.

Tekscan adds that the seminar is intended to benefit clinical and research professionals who assess function and gait abnormalities on a regular basis. The release notes that six speakers will demonstrate the system’s capabilities for evaluating and diagnosing gait and foot function abnormalities.

Expected attendees yield from a wide range of backgrounds, Tekscan says, including physical therapy, kinesiology, biomechanics, O&P, podiatry, and pedorthics. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage hands-on workshops to provide real-life experience in using the Tekscan systems to collect and analyze data.

The company notes that researchers will also have the opportunity to network, review case studies, share research ideas, and discuss integration best practices. Clinical users will have the opportunity to share information about integrating the technology into a practice as an educational tool for patients, how to analyze acquired data to improve patient care, and validate patient treatments.

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[Source: Tekscan]