In his new book titled MS Living Symptom Free, author Daryl H. Bryant shares his journey with MS and he emphasizes that a healthy diet, a steady routine of exercise, and an intense medication regimen played a key role in his ability to live “symptom free” of MS. The book offers MS patients tips for combating the disease through specific foods and diets, exercise plans, and vitamins and supplements. 

Bryant notes in the book that he is not a medical professional, but hopes to inspire other MS patients to live symptom free as he does. Following his diagnosis and struggles with the disease, Bryant reportedly undertook a great deal of research, which yielded his current diet, exercise plan, and medications that he says have since led him to be symptom free, without any relapses. “It is my hope that my story will offer others with MS inspiration and remind them that there are others out there battling this disease and they are not alone…I hope others can use my story, my struggles, and successes to help them make the changes they need to achieve better health and potentially live a life with MS that is free of symptoms,” Bryant says.

According to a recent news release, in an effort to provide an online home base for MS patients, Bryant has also facilitated a new Website through Hudson Horizons, a web development agency where Bryant serves as CEO. The site is designed to provide MS patients information and tips for living MS symptom free, the release notes.

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