February 22, 2008

Evidence In Motion, a physical therapy education and practice consultation company, announces the launch of an Orthopaedic Residency and Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship program. In addition to the programs, Evidence In Motion will be collaborating with Regis University to offer physical therapy professionals a combined option for a transition doctor of physical therapy degree and an orthopaedic residency program.

An evidence-based physical therapy education organization, Evidence In Motion reports they have designed the orthopaedic residency and manual physical therapy fellowship programs in response to the changing needs of the physical therapy profession. The programs are consistent with the guidelines set by the American Physical Therapy Association and were created to offer highly relevant courses specializing in advanced clinical practice. The courses are presented in an evidence-based practice perspective, providing physical therapists with cutting edge resources on best practice for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

The combined Transition DPT & Orthopaedic Residency Program is reportedly the first of its kind and aims to complete the didactic requirements for doctoral designation in the physical therapy community as well as enhance practical skills in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Orchestrated by Regis University’s Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, School of Physical Therapy, the Transition Doctor of Physical Therapy program is designed as a program for practicing physical therapists that augments their knowledge and skills to the clinical doctoral degree level.

A news release from Evidence In Motion states the courses provide physical therapists with opportunities to develop beyond the current traditional scope of practice and prepare them for an expanded role in the health care environment. The program collaborates with key network partner clinics around the country to deliver a combination of innovative distance learning and hands-on courses to equip students with the skills to become recognized leaders in evidence-based physical therapist practice.

“The EIM Residency and Fellowship programs are unparalleled with respect to flexibility of schedule and access to content area expertise. The curriculum has been developed and is taught by leading researchers, teachers and practitioners in the field of orthopaedic manual physical therapy. The combination of key faculty, content and technology delivery platforms make this the ideal program for clinicians who want to be mentored and take their practice to the next level yet continue working in the practice setting they are in. There is no other program like it,” says Dr. Robert Wainner of Evidence In Motion.

The courses are designed for practicing clinicians to complete through part-time study in 18 to 24 months. The coursework is conducted primarily online, with four hands-on weekend intensive courses held at network partner sites and led by licensed Evidence In Motion instructors.

“The Transition DPT program is excited about partnering with Evidence in Motion, as we share the same commitment to excellence in physical therapist practice through the integration of evidence-based decision making,” said Dr. Tim Noteboom, Chair of the Transition DPT program at Regis University. “Evidence in Motion has incorporated many of the same innovative technologies to connect physical therapists with current best evidence that Regis has used over the last several years. Therefore, a collaboration on residency and Transition DPT education seemed to be a good fit.”

Source: Evidence In Motion