CODi Inc, Harrisburg, Pa, has announced the results of a comprehensive ergonomic research initiative, which can be found at www.codidirect.com/ergo.

CODi has identified the direct correlation between carrying case weight and its direct effect on the human body. The study concludes that an individuals specific body size, muscle mass, and gender are significant criteria for determining the particular carrying case that is best suited to the individual. Additionally, CODi has issued a set of guidelines based on carrying case typetraditional shoulder style, backpack, or wheeledand recommends which type an individual should use to provide the safest means of transporting his/her mobile needs. As part of the process, CODi has created a user-profile calculator, which assists an individual in determining the amount of weight they carry in a typical day. This information can then be cross-referenced with a set of case guidelines to recommend the best CODi case solution.

Were excited about our findings and subsequent recommendations as no other firm in our field has expended the resources or time to explore this fascinating field to the degree that we have, says Tim Hoagland, CODi CEO. Assisting in our research were the worlds leading ergonomists from several of our global clients. On the job injuries are a real occurrence with todays mobile worker, and we endeavor to become the leader in addressing the issues specific to them while improving their overall health and wellness.

CODis ergonomic study is just one of the companys recent initiatives into providing customers with the absolute best mobility solutions. In April 2006, CODi released independent test results ranking them the best in overall performance in the categories of drop-test protection, material quality, and weight. In June, CODi announced the rollout of its new and enhanced product line, which included the addition of improved ergonomic features to nearly all of its case models. CODis overall carrying case line is the lightest of any commercially available at an average of 3.5 pounds per case, inclusive of CODis wheeled models, the Mobile Lite and the Mobile Max, according to the company.

[SOURCE: Business Wire, August 2, 2006]