Laptop bags and support accessories are getting heavier and heavier. Students heading back to school dread the back and shoulder pain and strain.

Not only are students and workers carrying their laptop computers, they are also carrying school books, accessories, iPods, cellphones, and more, says David Finkelstein, CEO of Brida Research Inc, Inwood, NY, and inventor of OrthoTote.

The OrthoTote shoulder pad support system is designed to keep bags from falling off of users shoulders. It weighs only 2.3 oz, and is manufactured to a 1 11/16-inch width, creating a platform to help alleviate shoulder pain, the company reports. Brida Research also bundles their shoulder pad with a strap in a single package to become The OrthoTote System. It is featured in both yellow and black. Brida also sells the strap and shoulder pad independently for those whose OEM straps already support OrthoTote.

Whats worse than how heavy everything is, is the fact that all of your travel bags are designed to fall and slip off of your shoulder, Finkelstein says. So not only do you get neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain, you also get frustrated.

In addition to working with online retailers and distributors, Brida Research has also started licensing the OrthoTote to promotional product companies as well as businesses that want to promote their brand and company directly to the public.

For more information, contact (866) 49-ORTHO; www.BridaResearch.com.

[SOURCE: PR Web, July 27, 2006]