PRIDE Industries is partnering with Clark Pacific, a manufacturer of prefabricated building systems, to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other individuals who face barriers to employment.

Clark Pacific will work with PRIDE Industries’ Inclusive Talent Solutions (ITS) group to place hundreds of people into full-time and part-time positions ranging from general labor to specialists in welding, prefabrication, materials mixtures and more.

PRIDE Industries is a nonprofit social enterprise that employs people with disabilities. Through its service offerings, it recruits, trains, and provides on-the-job support for people with disabilities through its network of more than 300 employers.

PRIDE Industries also offers expertise in creating sustainable employment for military veterans, former foster youth, trafficking survivors, and others needing a helping hand to overcome barriers to employment, a media release explains.

Also Aids Formerly Incarcerated

One such population are individuals who were formerly incarcerated. To assist these individuals as they integrate back into society, Clark Pacific is a second chance employer that does not require background checks for certain jobs, allowing those who have paid their debt to society to participate in gainful employment with livable wages, career advancement opportunities, and a full suite of union benefits.

“At Clark Pacific, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity. When we’re seeking to fill a position, what matters most to us is a person’s work ethic. We have high standards for quality and customer service, and we count on all our employees to meet these goals.”

— John Hasna, Associate Director of Talent Management at Clark Pacific

“Inclusive Talent Solutions is proud to partner with Clark Pacific. We are confident we can help Clark Pacific meet its hiring goals and effectively utilize its diverse workforce. And certainly, the high-quality construction and manufacturing opportunities available at Clark Pacific is ideal for anyone seeking a rewarding and meaningful career.”

— DeShawn Cann, Director of Workforce Solutions at PRIDE Industries

[Source(s): PRIDE Industries, PR Newswire]

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