Numotion and LUCI announce a signed national distribution agreement that will make smart wheelchair technology directly available to power wheelchair riders. Through the agreement, Numotion becomes reportedly the first US partner for LUCI’s hardware/software product, which attaches to power wheelchairs to provide security, stability and connectivity.

“This groundbreaking technology opens doors to independence for wheelchair users and parents/caregivers who have safety concerns regarding power mobility. We are thrilled to embark on this partnership and look forward to being able to offer this new technology to customers.”

— Mike Swinford, CEO of Numotion

Creates a Customized, Safe Driving Experience

LUCI, which publicly launched in July after 3 years of development, uses a patented sensor-fusion safety system to combine data from cameras, ultrasonics and radar into a single, 360-degree view of the world. The technology works with riders’ steering inputs and reaction times to create a customized, safer driving experience.

In addition to avoiding dynamic obstacles and threats to a user’s environment, LUCI provides cloud-based communication and alerts via its MyLuci portal. The MyLuci app, which is available to users in the Apple and Google Play app stores, allows riders to view their data and use a secure, encrypted system to share select information with trusted family, friends and caregivers. LUCI can also be configured to alert others of specific events – for example, a rider’s location if his or her battery gets dangerously low, a media release from Numotion explains. 

“We are thrilled to offer this game-changing product for power wheelchair users, providing personalized solutions including collision avoidance, drop-off protection, and anti-tipping alerts. LUCI’s collision avoidance provides protection to users while allowing them greater independence, fewer accidents and fewer costly chair repairs.”

— John Pryles, EVP of Sales at Numotion

Through this partnership, Numotion’s team of over 500 ATPs will have access to LUCI educational materials, resources and expertise to help equip eligible individuals with the product. Clinicians and wheelchair users can contact their local Numotion representatives to inquire whether LUCI may be right for their specific case. 

“LUCI is excited to partner with Numotion in bringing new wheelchair technologies to the forefront. This is a momentous step for our company and the industry. We’re looking forward to working with Numotion as we reimagine wheelchair mobility and bring real-world solutions to users.”

— Barry Dean, CEO and co-founder of LUCI

The agreement between LUCI and Numotion will also bring new technological inclusivity to riders, as LUCI works with iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Health and Google Fit, per the release.

[Source: Numotion]

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