Now available from Myomo Inc is MyoGames by Lusio, a video game platform designed to augment training and rehabilitation for MyoPro users, while being fun. MyoGames enables users to play video games by actively engaging their paralyzed or weakened arm or hand with the MyoPro.

The first game, basketball, is available immediately with other titles to follow, according to the company in a media release.

MyoGames was developed in collaboration with Lusio Technology Pty Ltd, a game developer focused on the rehabilitation market and based in New South Wales, Australia.

“The games complement our existing therapeutic protocol. This increase in training is expected to help a new MyoPro recipient to be more proficient with activities of daily living. MyoGames is intended to give users of all ages something new and captivating to pursue with their device as they master it. In addition, the repetitive motion required for a game like basketball is the foundation of neurological rehabilitation and may accelerate neuro recovery.”

— Jon Naft, Myomo’s Vice President and General Manager International

“The vision for MyoGames is to be a gaming platform with a library of games available that all lead to the same two goals – accelerate the rehabilitation of users and improve their ability to perform everyday functional tasks.

“The first game, basketball, will be distributed as part of the MyoPro package at no additional cost, and subsequent games will be available on a monthly subscription basis. In addition to being a new revenue stream, MyoGames is intended to make practice with a MyoPro more engaging, which is expected to increase a patient’s probability of achieving a better outcome.”

— Shiven Ruparel, Myomo’s Director of Product Management

MyoGames is designed to complement the recently introduced MyoCare program. MyoCare offers new MyoPro users a personal coach and a series of training videos to help them maximize the benefits of their device, per the release.

[Source(s): Myomo Inc, Business Wire]

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