Griswold Home Care, the in-home senior care franchise, recently launched a National Caregiver Scholarship Program in partnership with its nonprofit organization, the Jean Griswold Foundation, to award scholarships of up to $2,000 to qualified caregivers across the country. Now, the brand is excited to announce the six winners of the program.

This year’s winners include: Alise Perkins, a caregiver with Griswold Homecare of North Houston Area looking to complete her final prerequisite courses so she can apply to a graduate school program for occupational therapy; Jessica Perez, a caregiver with Griswold Home Care of San Antonio looking to earn her CNA; Stephanie Caudle, a caregiver with Griswold Homecare of Salem, NC looking to complete her LPN and license in social work; Analisa Martinez, a caregiver with Griswold Home Care SE Houston who recently decided to change her career path to polysomnography at Alvin Community College; LaKecia Robinson, a registered caregiver with Griswold Home Care of Columbia looking to start a CNA program and become a registered nurse; and Joanna George, a caregiver and student at the Gerontology College of Public Affairs and Community Service who has been accepted into medical school.

“We’re so grateful to the caregivers and excited about being able to support them in their careers,” says Maryanne Murray, chairperson of the Jean Griswold Foundation. “This scholarship program was spurred along by the increasingly crucial role caregivers play following the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for high-quality in-home senior care has never been greater, and this is our way of supporting passionate individuals who can help carry on Dr. Jean’s legacy of care.”

The scholarship program was rolled out in celebration of Griswold Home Care’s 40th anniversary as a leading in-home senior care franchise. Dr. Jean Griswold, affectionately known as “Dr. Jean,” started Griswold Home Care in 1982. She had been diagnosed 12 years prior with multiple sclerosis (MS) and at age 51, while in a wheelchair, Dr. Jean understood all too well the desire for adults with disabilities, illness and injuries to remain comfortably at home while receiving care. The brand has since grown to more than 170 independent franchise units in 30 states.

The foundation was started in 2010 as a private nonprofit to support caregiving organizations in times of hardship, and was named after Dr. Jean Griswold to help carry on her legacy. Until this year, funds raised through private donors, corporations, franchisees and employees had been primarily awarded to individuals and programs dedicated to senior care, but the intention was always to offer a way for caregivers to improve their ability to pursue care-related work. It took the foundation more than a year to navigate the legal process of changing to a public charity so that it could award individual grants.

“When [Griswold CEO] Mike Slupecki joined us in 2020, his idea was to support caregivers with scholarships to help them achieve a better career through education,” Murray explains. “This could be CNA training, nursing training, or continuing education requirements for certifications. Since then, we’ve been working on how to make that happen, and we’re so proud that Griswold is finally able to give back to the community in this way.”

Looking ahead, Murray says she hopes that more people will decide to pursue the rewarding career of in-home care for seniors and the differently abled. “I changed my life for the better when I started working with Griswold, and I want everyone to feel that way about their jobs,” she says. “We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our scholarship winners and are excited to continue supporting up-and-coming caregivers in the field.”

[Source(s): Griswold Home Care, PRWeb]